2014. 04. 4-5.
Dare to Dream, Shoot your Film!

V. Eszterházy Film Festival will be held between 4th and 5th of April in 2014. During the Festival, Eszterházy Károly College is going to organize the IV. Student Short Film Festival hosted by the Eszterházy Károly Collage's Motion picture and Media science department in this year for the fourth time. Many universitys and colleges will be involved in this project, such as Budapest College of Communication - Business and Arts, Kaposvár University, Eötvös Loránd University, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, University of Miskolc, Zsigmond Király College, and of course the host institution Eszterházy Károly College. Students from abroad can also apply to the Student Short Film Festival. The students can compete in four category:

short fiction film, documentary, animation and experimental short film.

Deadline for submitting films is the 1th of April 2014 Tuesday 14pm. The movie format should be in mp4 (HD or Full HD) and can not be longer then 30 minutes.

The movie entries must be uploaded to youtube( in private settings, not public) in mp4( HD or Full HD), then on the http://www.eszterhazyfilmnapok.ektf.hu/ webpage's Registration page, the participant must fill in form with the Denominator's personal data, the movie's name, date, description, one or two attachment pictures from the film, link of the movie and also the embedded code etc. Digital creations that deviate from the abowe rules will be rejected! The candidates creations will be premiered and judged on the V. Eszterházy Film Festival-In the memory of György Illés-.

E-mail adress: eszterhazyfilmnapok@gmail.com

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We welcome all the appliciants! If you have any technical issues please do not hesitate to contact us.